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Just what is WebSmart WebArt? It's backgrounds, buttons, borders, dividers, and spot graphics like the one to the left. It's all the items you will need to create dynamite web pages! Each and every WebSmart WebArt image is optimized for color, clarity and speedy download times.

At KT Image Ad (ktimagead.com), we can either make new graphics for you, or we can take your existing graphics and clean them up, trim off excess weight, and make you look good! But more than great-looking and faster downloading, by utilizing WebSmart Web Art, your graphics will be more effective in communicating their messages. 

Here's an example: The pie chart below weighed in at 24k—not a horrible weight in itself, but unnecessarily cumbersome. Just compare it with the $49 Websmart Web Art remake.  At 5k, this is an 80% decrease in file size. Also notice the sharper lines and text. Isn't ours much nicer to look at and easier to read? You be the judge:









We want your web pages to download in surfer's browsers as quickly as possible so visitors don't leave your page! Again and again, statistics show that the average surfer is an impatient soul. Today's society wants speed, and will be loyal to those who give them speed.

They also want great content, whether it be for entertainment or education. So if your site could use a grammar make-over, which is an art form in itself, KT Image & Ad has recently included within WebSmart WebArt just the service for you. Investigate Write Right and empower your website through the written word!

But back to WebSmart WebArt: We offer custom graphic work by the piece, and at a price that won't make you cringe. Most customers want to talk directly to us to let us know their exact needs. So give us a shout and we'll work together to make your website speedy and stylish. Of course you can always use our handy form if your vision as to what you want is already crystal clear.

There are many kinds of buttons and logos you may need for a personal or small business website. We've found that even small businesses often lack the resources that could improve their websites. Just like the company with the pie chart above. We are here to help them, too!






Here's a favorite style created for the
'Butterfly Lady'. Animated and just 4K!
Now that's WebSmart WebArt!

Above all, WebSmart WebArt is created just for the little guy. . .  

. . . or anyone with a little knowledge, a little cash, but nobody to guide him in the art of improving his already existing website. He has no tech team and no designing arsenal waiting in the wings with the magic bullet when bad things happen to good guys. Like his pages fail to load quickly. Or the goods he ordered never got delivered. Perhaps he's sitting at home on a computer right this very minute, scratching his head and wondering exactly what to do next. 

WebSmart WebArt knows what to do, and we want to help. We use browser safe colors, and this means that a graphic, such as your logo, will show up accurately on every browser in every platform. The white is white, not some conglomeration of ten different hues which add to file size and detract from clarity. But we don't stop there. We make sure that you have every version you may need, for both the web, and for printed materials. WebSmart WebArt means that the graphic is lean, void of extra information that would increase file size. Give us a shout and let's work together creating artwork that will shine for you!

Using scanned photos? Don't forget that KTIA can enhance, customize and do some pretty nifty tricks to those too! Check out PicsTricks and see what we mean!

Below, just 2.47k. An animated file this large in area simply can't be this small in file size. Can it? You bet it can! And that's why you'd be smart to go with WebSmart WebArt! 

Are you looking for us?

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