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Smile! You're on Candid Camera  :)

Now you can get a PicsFlix created with 12 of your favorite photos rolled into one! This is the service for people serious about their fun and also their work! View your static photos in a filmstrip layout with all the bells and whistles. Just think of the possibilities!


What's that? Can't think of any possibilities? Let PicsFlix help!

  • Models can easily increase their freelance jobs by emailing their PicsFlix photo as a portfolio to potential employers.

  • Realtors and Auto Dealers online can show their most promising groups of homes and cars to potential buyers! Contact KTIA about quantity pricing.

  • Everyone can more fully show their whole personality - serious, humorous, spontaneous, thoughtful, zany - by sending ten fast-loading photos all rolled into one!

  • Website owners won't need our help thinking of the possibilities!

  • People with online Personals Ads can really make a splash with PicsFlix™. Your email boxes will be crammed so full you'll need not settle for second best!

  • Don't forget Holiday gift giving! What a dynamite gift for any family member to purchase for the family website!  Valentines Day, Anniversary's, Birthdays, any special occasion! 

  • Calling all boyfriends!  Want to really impress your heartthrob? You'll have her right where you want her with a PicsFlix of the two of you -- need we say more?


The cost is $100.00 flat, payable by check or charge. (Or, save with $175 for two.) We take 12 of your individual photos, enhance them, resize them, customize them, optimize them, and then string them all together! Now all this doesn't happen in a vacuum. We talk with you about the stories behind the photos, gathering a sense of the overall project. You tell us any nicknames, preferences, history, or humor you want included. Once you view the sample below of the prize we can create for you, we think you'll agree this price is a bargain. Remember, we said this service is for people serious about their fun or work! Perhaps that's you? 

If you have any questions, please email us at picsflix@ktimagead.com. Or you can call KTIA for further details at 352.237.7623.

If you look closely at the photo to the right, you can see this is an actual picture of an ultrasound, taken at two months in utero. The photo was scanned and resized in order to begin this beginning.

The parents were drawn to the idea of using this particular photo of their son, showing only his face. They believe it captures the wonderment of their boy. KTIA put it into a black background to bring him out and let him shine.

Here's a classic example of disparity between different operating systems and browsers: If you cannot see a blue heart behind the word 'brothers', tis most likely you're using Netscape Navigator. It's just one of the uncontrollable areas graphics artists must deal with daily. 
Below is what the original photo on the right looked like:
For a bit of humor, the regular sized version of this picture shows the baby thinking: "Where's a cab when ya need one?" The expression of disgust (or is it gas?) is
more noticeable in the larger version. 

Which brings up a point you should know. Each photo you see here will have three versions returned to you: 

1. Original that you sent to KTIA

2. The enhanced version we make from the original  (This version is great for emailing, and usually larger and more detailed than the one we insert in your PixFlix.)

3. And of course the PixFlix itself

A background with the young man's name was created, then inserted, taking care to maintain the outdoor, earthy look of the original.

Perhaps this final one on the right looks familiar to you. KTIA thought it captured the spirit of treasured family times so well that we obtained permission to use a photograph from this series for placement in our background in this website. If you would like to see yours in our background some day soon, click here.

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