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Personalized Desktops by KTIA starting at $49

After viewing some of the possibilities below and seeing how I personally use my desktop to affect my mood and therefore my workday, you may think Kate just might be on to something here: creating a personalized desktop just for you.

Okay. Here's how I see it: If in business for yourself, sometimes we need to present ourselves to clients with our most professional foot forward. Our company logo(s) on the desktop will do just that, whether in a home office or in an outside environment.If not in business, but finding ourselves at our computers quite often, a personalized desktop can be an effective mood enhancer. Witness some examples below:

And then there are those times when no matter how many motivational snippets we reflect on, no matter how many attitude adjustments we give ourselves, we simply need the lift of a winking loved one, a party, a hug, or a fantastic aerial view from a trip we once took. These feel-good desktops pooh-pooh even the worst of the bad hair days.

(This is me and my life partner & biz partner.
We met on the Internet 8 years ago and formed our company, AuctionInstructor.com.)

When I talk about customizing a desktop, I'm talking about items obtained from your own personal archives of letters, logos, photos, drawings, poems, plaques, etc — objects that directly affect your mood or your thinking because they impact your life in some way. If you've removed the Window's Theme, for example, and replaced it with a different Windows background/wallpaper, for my purpose here I'm not considering that as being personalized. Also, we're not talking about screen savers...just static desktops :) Please keep this in mind as you think about your own personalized, custom desktop. Click here to order now.

Now what exactly does KTIA do when creating your desktop? To get sharp, crisp results, I need to know two things about your monitor right off the bat:

1.) Monitor Size: 14", 15", 17", 19", 21" or are you one of the lucky ones to have a 44" plasma screen?!
2.) Monitor Resolution: 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x720, 1280x768, 1280x960, 1280x1024, etc.

You will have an area where you can include this info in the form you'll fill out. Here's why it's important: Let's say you have a picture from the web you want as your desktop. That in itself is fine, unless you want it to fill the entire monitor screen. In that case it would likely need to be stretched out, and this is a no-no of the highest degree! Doing so would produce jaggies and blurriness that would make your picture undiscernible. So what I would need to do then is to create some kind of collage or grouping of photos and text that would fill your screen. It gets kind of technical, and I know you don't want to deal with geekspeak you just want your desktop! Just leave all that worry to me; it's what I do. And we'll have fun in the process. Click the Order button just below if you're ready. :)

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