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Most photo artists worth their salt charge an hourly rate of about $60 or more. 

So why does KTIA charge a bare third of the going rate for her PicsTricks service?

The simple answer is: Because she has put herself in a position to do just that, and she wants to do just that. Why?

Because Kate (KTIA), the head of KT Image & Ad knows there are a lot of people out there who don't have $120 to $180 to put towards two or three hours of work on a photo they would love to have improved. Ah, but knock off $100 or more and it becomes something individuals can afford.

KTIA absolutely loves photo manipulation. Nothing makes her happier than directing others on the KT Image Ad team performing creative photographic services for Dream1's other divisions, and when time is available, sitting in front of her computer and creating something out of nothing. Or making something useful. And if she can perform a needed service for others and add in revenues to go towards the overhead at the same time, why, she's in heaven.

Her staff tells her, "But you can't do this! It's counter-productive; it's ludicrous; it's a waste; it's this it's that...and besides, it's not fair to grossly undercut others in the industry!" 

Ah, but KTIA isn't competing with the professionals in studios at all! In fact, she doesn't even work from a studio, for whether she's at the office, or at home, her trusty computer is her workshop. KTIA feels no compulsion to compete with these professionals. Nor does she feel that the KTImageAd PicsTricks service her baby, her hobby threatens the entire industry! She feels no remorse nor compromising of her ethics and high standards.

KTIA understands that with most professionals in a given industry, much money is spent in school, and many hours of training go toward learning their craft properly. Then comes experience, i.e., real world doing of the job. And with experience, knowledge is gained. And with this knowledge, an ability to go beyond the textbooks and solve real challenges that come along with any situation. KTIA simply skipped the textbook part in lieu of the school of hard knocks. So what if she personally could get more $$. Although money is certainly necessary, it is not her hot button. Manipulating your personal digital photos is.

Let's talk for a moment about what that means. What exactly goes into taking your photo from, let's say, a key chain souvenir to an awesome photo you can email anywhere?


How much time? How much experience? How many different buttons to press? Lots, lots, and lots!

But when it's gratifying, and when problems can be solved for others, all the other stuff just goes poof into the night. Don't forget KTIA truly loves people and truly loves this 'work'.

And this is why she has chosen to give individuals top-notch service, high quality work, and a smile to boot!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and understand a bit about the KTIA philosophy. We appreciate your interest.  :)  

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